Hello, & thank you for visiting Fit in the City. Congratulations on taking the first step to being a healthier you. 

    Having over 15 years experience as a professional dancer and choreographer (West End and world wide), it felt totally right to step back into the fitness industry. 

    As a pro dancer I know the body & know all too well how tough and tiring training can be, but oh how wonderful the feeling of achieving your dream is. Dancing is 'fun' to most, right?!!....but exercise is not always given the same approach. Well, here I can help you. By this, I don't mean we're going to be doing grapevines between our squat sets. No no no!!!! But I endeavour to make our sessions fun, without taking the focus away from our goal and objectives.

    I started my fitness journey as aerobic instructor, whilst studying dance at the prestigious Arts Educational (Chiswick) and Laine Theatre Arts. Whilst performing in the West End in "We Will Rock You" I became a certified Level 3 Personal Trainer, training at Premier International. 

    From my experience, people will stick with training for two reasons.1- They've seen results- weight loss, muscle mass etc. 2- They're hooked because they enjoy the sessions. Mindset is everything!!!

    Life gets busy....& lets be honest, it can be hard to be motivated during our winters days. If only a PT could come to you- to your home, local park or even the office?!!.... Well look no further. Along with my expertise, personalised training plans, home plans and nutrition & well being advice, I bring you a gyms worth of equipment. This of course applies to those summer months too ;)

    I pride myself on giving the highest of quality service. I specialise in high intensity training. So this means going hard for that session with me, so you can enjoy the rest of 23 hours in your day!! Being a pro dancer, I will always focus on core, as this is the centre of all we do and key to preventing injury.

    Everybody deserves to love their body!!!! I look forward to helping you achieve this, with the healthiest of mindset.


    I make training that bit easier by coming to you. You can workout with me in the comfort of your home, local park or office, with a fitness program specialised to your needs.

    I have a varied client base, from pre and post natal women, to athletes, pop-stars and anyone in between wanting to lose weight, tone up, gain strength and muscle mass or simply look/feel great.

    Staying ahead of the game with all the latest equipment.....These names may mean nothing to you now but fear not, they will soon....




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      Specialising in HIIT (High intensity interval training) and core strength (using my experience as a pro dancer). Flexibility sessions and yoga infused work is always advised, alongside higher intensity sessions. Every client is different and therefore sessions are personalised to your needs/wants. Bringing all the FITC equipment to your home, local park, office or even your holiday home. Sessions can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes long. 


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      Check FITC news for where your latest buzzing Bootcamp is. Fit in the City Bootcamp isn't just running between shuttles and doing a thousand Burpees. We have tunes pumping, all the FITC equipment, it's varied & fun whilst doing hard high intensity circuits & boxing sets!!!! Don't be fooled....Bootcamp is one tough, sweaty sesh, only you can totally go at your level. I put all sets on a timer, rather than reps, so you can go at your pace and never feel held back or that you can't keep up. It's YOUR WORKOUT!!! 


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      Finding you have more in common with your fellow workers that the job at hand? Now you fitness enthusiasts can all train together pre/post work or on your lunch breaks. Offering high intensity circuit sessions. This can be intense 30- 45minutes sessions, to fit in with your busy schedule. I couldn't recommend this more. The endorphin release will do wonders for stress levels and your well being in the office. Great for team work and office moral!


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      This involves an exercise plan you can do in the comfort of your home. You can fit these  plans around your schedule, plus they are cheaper than a gym membership or PT. These are great for anyone starting out with exercise or those keen to get back into a fitness routine. Great for weight loss and your overall confidence. Videos, Skype and moral support for you weekly. Plans are 1-3 months....& each routine is 30 minutes long.


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      Every bride deserves to feel like a perfect princess on her special day. I offer monthly to 6 month packages for brides to be. Want your hens to join your sessions and be with you on your special journey? This can work, involving Bootcamp sessions and homework plans, that could fit into your pamper days and wedding rehearsals. Gotta look hot for your hen do too, right?!!!


      I actually think too little focus is on the groom.....After all, it's your special day too. So let's get you looking/feeling great for your special day. Stag and usher packages available. Weekly to monthly sessions.


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      Kiddies birthday dance parties. One to two hours of fun filled dancing and games. The special ones choice of theme. This can be anything from the West End moves- High School Musical, Matilda, GREASE, etc- or a funky street dance themed party.




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